We are back!

So the saga continues, first I loose my home bloginhell.me sadly due to personal problems I missed the renewal date and someone took there chance and renewed it so now I have nothing to do with there ad milking campaign.


Next up we lost the server again personal problems ment my payment method ran out of money causing the renewal to end and all the data to be wiped 😭😭


Last but not least squallcoin and squall1066 finally ended it’s run R.I.P Squallcoin but a silver lining is the device squall1066 has started development of a new coin and this one will be minable which means people will have continuous involvement in it due to being minable so should do slot better.


Other than that I’m back and hopefully more problems for a while here’s to starting 2019 the right way and hopefully from the ashes we will rise like a fenix bigger and better than ever before.

Happy New Year



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